A WIP Update!

I’ve been toiling over the last month, working on book two of my young adult paranormal romantic adventure. I had a good month of camp nano, I ‘won’ it, if that is really a thing and managed to exceed my word goal very quickly, which I kind of knew I would. Except that after I had done that I went totally off track and ended up working on a special secret project, all will be revealed soon.

But for now I wanted to share something special that I have been working on for the interior of my book. I first came across the idea of hand drawn sketches, after reading Pistol Daisy by Natalia Leigh. It was a great addition to the story and for us visual storytellers having imagery in the book, also it was related to the character, the MC drew as a hobby and it gave a further insight into her character.

So when writing one of the heroes in my book, he was also a sketcher and I have commissioned the most beautiful designs for the interior of my book. I’m so excited to be able to share one with you, I’ve cropped out the name below as I don’t want to give anything too much away, but I’m blown away and some steps closer to getting this published. To see a sneak peak of two of the sketches I have had commissioned so far please visit my instagram www.instagram.com/victoriawrenauthor

Published by vicwrenauthor

I'm a newbie YA author, docublogging her progress into the world of writing, authoring and publishing (hopefully).

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