Hi I’m Victoria. A huge hello and welcome to my page!

I’m an writer, mummy of two little girls and chronic day dreamer. I was the kid at the back of the class staring out of the window, never really paying attention. Luckily I did but I have found writing much later in life and it is a great thing to have some life experience along the way.

I have been a makeup artist for most of my life but the time has come to dedicate a little bit of time to my writing and I’m super excited to announce that my debut novel ‘The Tail of Win Adler’ will be coming this September!

When I’m not writing, you’ll find me homeschooling my two girls till September (Yay) hanging out on twitter trying to get in with the cool kids and plotting my Instagram domination, all in Essex (no Essex girl jokes please) in the sometimes sunny, mostly cloudy United Kingdom.

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