I’m done with Homeschooling!

When the schools in the UK officially closed their doors on the 23rd March this year, Facebook went berserk with tips, tricks and downloads to get us all through the grueling homeschooling period. Suddenly businesses that had been operating after-school clubs were offering online alternatives, free talks at the natural history museum, all the mums went gaga for Joe Wicks who did online PE. Side note, we stopped after one week, sorry Joe! It seemed that there was no reason-or no excuse for your child not being able to learn at home effectively. I bought into all of it. I went to the works and bought tons of home-learning workbooks, new pens, notebooks, highlighters…vodka….anything to support my worrier of a eight year old and flighty six year old.

We got all set up, they could chat with their friends. My girls quickly got used to a bit of a routine, we did some cosmic yoga, followed by some online maths, an hour latre they claimed it was their ‘snack time’ seriously low stamina. We battled on and then after the two week easter break the school began to set proper work, they could tune in to their online assemblies. We were made to feel guilty via social media of what other super parents were getting up to. We had good days and bad days.

Its week thirteen. Week, fucking thirteen. I am DYING! At this point I have no words left, only to say to those who home-school through choice, I salute you. You are brave and good. You have the heart of a soldier and the temperament of a warrior Queen. Or King!

Today my six year old has broken me. I actually cried and I’m nearly 40 years old. I simply cannot continue to do this anymore. Of course I will. I will get up with renewed hope everyday, telling myself to ease back, today will be a good day. But today has been a major low point. I sit with my littlest, helping her copy up her main piece of work, her master peice of the week and it takes an hour. To write about six sentances. I tell myself she is six. She refuses to read. Downright refuses!! I bite back my frustration, try to make my voice light and airy. I try so very hard.

Today we argued because I’d hidden the sweets. Thats another thing about schooling at home, the many mnay snack breaks they claim to need. We ended in a stalemate and I cried.

But this is all sounding very selfish. I cant complain when there are so many people who have lost loved ones. All this is for the greater good, to support our beloved NHS and keep our loved ones safe. Its just another tough day.

I’m so sorry that I’m ranting. This is NOT why you came here. You came for writing tips and news on my book, a young adult paranormal thriller that will hopefully be published very soon. I’m going to let you in on my plan for publishing and also if you’re interested all the tips and tricks I used along the way, like how I actually wrote the damn thing while homeschooling.

I hope you’ll come to enjoy my little rantings and my new found knowledge into the world of wsrtiing, authoring and publishing. I’m new to all this, so this is kind of a docublog, you’ll be learning aloing with me.

So in the words of the annoying kids you-tubers that I have the misfortune to have to listen to in the background everyday, hit the follow button and I’ll keep you up to date and subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!

Published by vicwrenauthor

I'm a newbie YA author, docublogging her progress into the world of writing, authoring and publishing (hopefully).

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